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SFI In Charge K38

SO Remedy 7F x SFI Miss Me O My

PB Simmental

ASA# 4113347

Running Herd Sire


W/C Intimidator 533K

W/C Innovator 533H x W/C Miss Werning 978G

PB Simmental

ASA# 4121154

Running Herd Sire

Intimidator Werning bull.jpg

WINC Outlaw 015H

TJ Franchise 451D x WINC 801F

3/4 Simmental

ASA# 3796899

Running Herd Sire


ES/Longs Salem HW46-1

Mr NLC Upgrade U8676 x ES W46

3/4 Simmental

ASA# 3758406

Running Herd Sire


Long's The Player

TLLC One-Eyed Jack x Long's Dribble (WSJ Encore)

3/4 Simmental

ASA# 3030191

Owners: Haley Farms, OH; Top Hat Farms, UT; Ferguson Show Cattle, OH; Jared Royer, MO; Ben Williamson, PA

Semen Available through Owners or Cattle Visions

Longs The Player.jpg

TLLC One-Eyed Jack

Long's Shear Pleasure x Long's Sweet Treat (Steel Force)

PB Simmental

ASA# 2668223

Owners: 6BarR, IL; AKA Cattle, IL; Grandview Cattle Co, IA; Jared Royer, MO; Trennepohl Farms, IN; Long's Simmentals

Semen Available through Owners or Cattle Visions

TLLC One Eyed Jack.jpg

Long's Came to Play

Long's The Player x Long's Penny (JF Foundation)

5/8 Simmental

ASA# 3638252

Owners: Williams Brothers Simmentals, MO

Semen Available through Owner


Long's Pay the Man

Pays to Believe x Long's Sure Charm (Shear Pleasure)

PB Simmental

ASA# 3327014

Owners: Pilkington Cattle Co, NE

Semen Available through Owner or Cattle Visions


Long's Pay to Play

Pays to Believe x Long's Ellie (Steel Force)

PB Simmental

ASA# 3472591

Owners: Dennis Mleynek, IA; Gene Deardorf, IA; Jeff Bauer, IA

Semen Available through Owners or SEK Genetics


Long's Capitalist

W/C Night Watch x RBS Bullseye E718 (Bullseye)

PB Simmental

ASA# 3638260

Owners: Duane McKey

Semen Available through Cattle Visions

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